The end of January and on with 2020

Small Plate with green glaze and cobalt line

I have recovered from the festive season, and am starting to get back a pace of working in the studio. All of our classes are full, and Fiona and I are developing new work for the year. I have felt a tremendous weight lifted off of my shoulders regarding my right to abode in the UK, and so I have felt a comfort in working towards a direction in my work that I haven’t felt in years. Of course I have had ideas rather than resolutions for the new year, and most of them are still relevant. I have started to apply for shows and fairs, some of them further afield than usual, but one of my ideas to carry into 2020 is to keep a focus on a local clientele. I have also decided to actually put in some energy into my online shop and it has already seen an increase in activity and sales.

Keeping negativity in all its forms at a distance will be a focus for the year, and will be a point in the delayed but still coming podcast episode. I had some technical issues with recording my voice, and then there is hearing yourself back on recording which I have begun to accept.