New glaze surfaces

Over the summer I have been working with some students developing different kinds of glaze surfaces for stoneware temperatures.  I thought it was important to put my money where my mouth was and use some investigations of surface on my own work.

I was trying to explain that using commercial stains on their own can lead to work that has a very similar palette to other makers, and that with testing, and possibly adding pure metal oxides, surface modifiers, and opacifiers, you can develop your own personalized colours that are your own.  The following three glazes are the end point of these investigations.


Potash Feldspar     39

Zinc Oxide     25

Whiting     16

Flint     14

Ball clay     6


0.5 Jaffa stain zl-238A (Bath Potters)

5.0 Hi Fire Yellow stain zl-258 (Bath Potters)

6.5 Zircosil


Potash Feldspar     44

Flint     16.5

Bone Ash     14.0

China Clay     10.5

Talc     10.0

Lithium Carbonate     3.0

Bentonite     3.0


Black Iron Oxide      11.00

Robyns Eigg

Soda Feldsapr     51.6

Flint     5.6

Whiting     18.8

China clay     15.4

Zinc oxide     8.6


Copper Carbonate     2.0

Rutile     1.0

Titanium Dioxide     3.0

Zircosil     10.0