Working in and through plaster

Turning the model in plaster on the lathe

I’ve got my first commission for the new jigger jolley machine through an illustrator friend Susie. She wants some beakers with very straight sides to accommodate digital transfers of her work. I have found that quite a few illustrators diversify their work through printing, textiles, and ceramics. I explained to her that I would only charge her the finished piece cost, as it will be the first run through of the process. The model of the cup was turned in plaster on our lathe at Cyan Clayworks. She really wanted vertical sides so she did not have to warp her drawings into a fan-like shape. The problem with not having what I would call a draft angle, is that when I tried to remove the model from the mould, it created a suction against the mould the whole way out.

I solved this by casting a silicone positive of the model and it has made life so much easier. Now to make the blade profile for the inside of the cup while the moulds dry and I should be good to go.