Step by Step process

  • Make a model in plaster
  • Take a mould of it with rings and backs to fit the cup on the machine
  • place the mould in the machine
  • make a scraper template to attach to the arm
  • figure out a determined amount of clay to make the pot, but not to waste too much in the process.
  • wet the mould in the cup.
  • put the clay in
    while the mould is spinning slowly, bring down the arm to push the clay down into the bottom of the mould.
  • wait until the clay starts climbing up the side of the mould until it reached the top.
  • make sure the arm is bottomed out on the stop to make sure the thickness is achieved.
  • trim away the excess from the top of the mould, and clean the scraper template.
  • speed up the mould and lightly spray the inside of the pot.
  • return the scraper template down to the bottomed out position to put a good finish on the inside.
  • re-trim the top of the pot and return the arm to the upright position.
  • stop the machine, and lift the mould out and on to the drying rack.