Relief Printing Ink for ceramics

Introduction Here are instructions to base an investigation into lino printing onto clay.  Quite a few people have been doing this for a while, and there are good books on the subject, Including Ceramics and Print (3nd Edition) by Paul Scott ISBN10: 1408151499 and Image transfer on Clay by Paul Andrew Wandless ISBN10: 1454703326.  For my Read more about Relief Printing Ink for ceramics[…]

A new video about us

Bart and Craig at have made a great video about us to promote why we make ceramics at Cyan Clayworks, and also showcase their skills in film making, sound, and video post production.  Really happy with the result although it is very strange to see and hear my voice recorded.

Turning the model in plaster on the lathe

Working in and through plaster

I’ve got my first commission for the new jigger jolley machine through an illustrator friend Susie. She wants some beakers with very straight sides to accommodate digital transfers of her work. I have found that quite a few illustrators diversify their work through printing, textiles, and ceramics. I explained to her that I would only Read more about Working in and through plaster[…]